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$87.50 Acrlica Tiara Pitcher
Acrlica Tiara Pitcher $87.50 ($US) 3 Likes
$145.00 Large Acrylic Salad Bowl
Large Acrylic Salad Bowl $145.00 ($US) 6 Likes
$125.00 Regal Chip & Dip
Regal Chip & Dip $125.00 ($US) 1 Like
$92.50 Regal Medium Bowl
Regal Medium Bowl $92.50 ($US) 2 Likes
$42.50 Regal Small Bowl
Regal Small Bowl $42.50 ($US) 2 Likes
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Acrylic was invented in 1902 by Otto Röhm, a German chemist, but its mass production did not begin until 1933, when Röhm GmbH (currently Evonik Degussa GmbH) began to market it under the Plexiglas® brand. Also known as ACRYLITE®, Lucite®, and Perspex®, acrylic is noted for its unparalleled transparency among polymers. It is also BPA-free and a ...... Read More