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Botanic Garden collection with 153 products
Botanic Garden 153 products    
Botanic Garden Terrace collection with 22 products
Botanic Garden Terrace 22 products    
Exotic Botanic Garden collection with 19 products
Exotic Botanic Garden 19 products    
Placemats, Coasters, & Trays collection with 2 products
Placemats, Coasters, & Trays 1 Collection 2 products  
Pomona collection with 61 products
Pomona 61 products 1 Like  
Sara Miller London collection with 34 products
Sara Miller London 3 Collections 34 products  
Sophie Conran Celadon collection with 20 products
Sophie Conran Celadon 20 products    
Sophie Conran Grey collection with 17 products
Sophie Conran Grey 17 products    
Sophie Conran Pebble collection with 18 products
Sophie Conran Pebble 18 products 1 Like  
Sophie Conran White collection with 85 products
Sophie Conran White 85 products 7 Likes  
A force in the homewares industry, the Portmeirion Group, encompasses the Portmeirion, Spode, Royal Worcester and Pimpernel brands. It is a market leader in high quality and innovatively designed tableware, cookware, giftware and tabletop accessories.